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sets? Jun. 5th, 2006 @ 10:21 pm
i know that bts has JUST started touring but does anyone know what the setlists have been like? mostly new stuff? half new/half old? i'm seeing them at the troubadour in LA soon and I hope to hear plenty of old songs (I'm not liking UOY).

Selling Tickets!!! Respond quick! May. 2nd, 2006 @ 04:11 pm
I am selling 2 tickets to Built To Spill for June 29th at the Troubadour here in So. Cali, Los Angeles

I am willing to sell it for 20 bucks (w/ service charge, it's $27) Either that or at best price...:]

Email me at: KabukiKat16@yahoo.com
Message me at myspace: KabukiKat16
Or just simply reply back, thanks!!!

Apr. 11th, 2006 @ 04:50 pm
bought the new album first thing this morning. of course, haven't listened to it long enough to get nit-picky about it, but shit...it's just a breath of fresh air to finally have this hot item in my little paws. i'd been counting down the days. gotta love that doug.

Jan. 19th, 2006 @ 10:58 pm
has anyone heard the new single? does anyone know where i can hear the new single?

Nov. 9th, 2005 @ 06:19 pm
Hey just wanted to know if anyone has any update on the new album, when it's going to come out, that sort of stuff. Any info would be greatly appreciated, peace
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» (No Subject)
built to spill was amazing.
flawless performance
beside when brett's bass string broke..
and they didn't finish the rest of the song.

they did however cover the beatles.
and doug is still handsome <3

» 9/30/05 - Pittsburgh
I was at Mr. Small's Friday night, was anyone else there? What did they think (be honest)?

I was underwhelmed. I love BTS, I loved both nights I saw them in DC 2 years ago, but the show was pretty crappy. Also, both openers were lame.

builttospill members: Respond.
» i.m leaving i hate you
i.m going to see bts in new haven tomorrow.

this will be my 2nd time, 1st was in new york city.

i.m minuets away from the venue, i.m excited they.ve decided to come to new haven.

anyone else from this community going?
» (No Subject)

So. I saw Built to Spill in my hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas, on the 27th. It was a good show, for the most part, except that the audience was absolutely horrible. In fact, though you don't care at all, I'm going to tell you exactly how disgustingly reprehensible the audience was:
1.) During the opening band, THE FRUIT BATS, the audience would not shut up. And the band was pretty good, but I could hardly hear the music over their talking. Very rude.
2.) One girl behind us was screaming all the time. Not only after a song was finished playing, but, like.. when Doug Martsch was having trouble with his guitar. I eventually turned around and put my hand over her mouth and told her to stop. Predictably, she just did it more. This same girl also spilled beer all over my friend Haven's back.
3.) Near the end of the show, some girl was yelling, "Play "Car"! It's our anniversary!" Like Doug Martsch is going to say, "Guys, they've been together three months -- we've got to do this for them, totally." This girl ends up clawing her way through people to get to the front of the stage. She grabbed my shoulder and threw me backward. I did the same to her and told her forcefully to go away.
The audience sucked.

But the band was great. They did have a little trouble at one point with Martsch's cords not working properly or something, but they got it all figured out. Let's see.. I'm not sure I can remember the whole set list. They started with a new song. Other songs, no particular order:
7. A new(?) song called "They Got Away" which would have been better if it was shorter.
I can't remember what other ones there were. "In Your Mind" was played last, and they have this weird habit of making their last song last for about ten minutes while they start getting their stuff dismantled. It's a little annoying. They played an encore song, but it must have been off of their first cd because I didn't recognize it -- which was disheartening. Also, Doug Martsch did not sing the last verse of "Stop the Show", which is irritating because the phrase 'typical miracle' is fun to hear. He did not sing the last verse when we saw them in Nashville in May, either. WHY?
Now, for your pleasure(?), a few pictures from the show:

Make it a time, make it anytimeCollapse )

» BTS in STL
I forgot to post this yesterday, but I saw BTS in St. Louis Wed. night (9/28), and they were great! I am looking forward to seeing them up in Chicago, too. I will be headed up there next Saturday. The following was posted in my personal journal with some crap no one cares about edited out:

Built to Spill. My face? Rocked off. *sigh* Oh, how I love BTS. ... Doug Martsch was in fine form, although the set started off a bit bumpily. I wish he chatted a bit more between songs, but he usually just shyly chirps "....thanks!" with his twinkie little warble into the mic, fiddles with the tuning for a bit & then crunches right into another song. Ahhhh...happiness. Much goodness.

Here is the setlist ...
1. New song? Didn't recognize it.
2. In the Morning
3. Virginia Reel Around the Fountain (looovvvvvved this!)
4. Center of the Universe (They slowed it down a bit and sorta just kept playing. Yay!)
5. Stab
6. Reasons (LOVE LOVE LOVE)
7. In Doug's own words, this was a "new song."
8. Time Trap (*cartwheels*)
9. Temporary Blind
10. I Would Hurt a Fly
11. Made Up Dreams
12. Big Dipper (much dancey goodness!)
13. In Your Mind (awwww, guys! Why did you have to end the set with one of the only BTS songs I HATE?!)
ENCORE: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

No complaints here (except for their playing a song I hate at the end of the night)! However, they did not play three of my favoritest songs (I really was hoping to hear either Else or Kicked it in the Sun, but alas.) Of course, everybody was yelling for Car, which I was surprised they didn't play. Ah, well. Perhaps in Chicago....
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